Lifestyle: Flagler Street: A Bit Of Old Miami

Seems like New York but it isn't.

It's the New York Bagel Deli.

This isn't an uncommon sight in New York either.

The bagel deli seems to attract a New York sensibility.

Ta_i cabs and activity and special people who could share memories of another life in another city are frequent visitors to this street.

The collective character of Flagler Street is all about many people with diverse jobs, personalities and ethnic origin all interacting in a comfortably familiar space.

Specialty shops, restaurants and bakeries are common sights along Flagler Street.

The Lower East Side of New York has a mirror of activity on Flagler with its discount fabric, appliance and bargain clothing shops.

The bo_ office of the Olympia Theater built in 1926 as a silent movie palace is still an active performance venue.